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Start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

I heard a great one from one of my daughter's friend the other day. You may not be your type, but your someone's type. Why is it we have such a hard time accepting ourselves as good enough? No matter the size of success we get stuck on counting things that do not need to be counted. You are great, and you will achieve amazing things.

  • Begin each day with giving thanks for waking up- there are quite a few people who didn't.

  • Look around you and find one thing you are thankful for- we can all find something to appreciate.

  • Take a moment and bring into focus your most important thing to accomplish for the day.

  • Write down your next step of action toward moving your most important thing.

  • Look in the mirror and smile, like for real- not because someone told you to do it! Look into your eyes and smile. You are a great person, even if at this point its only in training. You are aspiring to be great and you will be.

The world around us tries to force us to be scared. It tries to compare us to others and we need to stop falling into that trap. Be kind to others and most importantly to yourself. You are special, you are loved. Go out there and be awesome!

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